Pantsuit and Corset: Match Made In Heaven

Pantsuit and Corset: Match Made In Heaven


Sometimes I see amazing pieces and finding it’s clothing partner/s takes time and work but I’m very lucky to work on such a colourful strip that is Brunswick st and often inspiration just simply flows! 

This was exactly the case when I walked into Emma’s Corsets to snap a few pics of her amazing pieces.  There before me I saw the most stunning black overbust corset that was a replica of a piece from the 1940’s and I immediately identified that it needed to be paired with this amazing pant suit from Dizingof (Mary Q cape and the Billie H pants in slate), topped off with a top hat that I also spied from Emma’s Corsets.  

Now anyone that has been styled by me knows my love for “man styling” where using masculine cuts emphasizes femininity and softness.  So what better way to offset the amazing feminine shape a corset gives than an amazing pantsuit?


Photography: Paul Benjamin Striking Shots www.strikingshots.com Hair and Make up: Maria Russo Model: Di J Barry Styling: Aster M Denisenkowww.brunswickstfashionista.com Pant Suit: Dizingof Corset: Emma Capponi Hat: Hats by Tess Cane: Scally and Trombone


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