Alongside founder and designer, Haim Bzezinski, Dana Pavlic is the other celebrated designer behind DIZINGOF. Pavlic and Bzezinski’s design relationship is a match made in Fashion heaven, collaborating Bzezinski’s distinctive architectural flamboyance with Pavlic’s flair for pattern making and sourcing the most exclusive fabrics. Together, they have further developed the DIZINGOF brand, now known for its fashion-forward styles. Their sole focus is to consistently create standout clothing that allows women to be confident and feel empowered.

Combining bright colours, prints, intricate cuts, and bold statement designs with the ability to change it up with various style options, together Pavlic and Bzezinski, have vividly transformed the fashion in Melbourne. Committed to giving the DIZINGOF woman more than she hoped for, they are dedicated in producing garments that are timeless, yet affordable and accessible for every woman. For both Bzezinski and Pavlic, it is essential to create pieces that will allow the DIZINGOF woman to feel comfortable, while she’s a showstopper at every occasion.

The DIZINGOF team is also made up of an extraordinary team of passionate stylists who work across all of its three stores in Melbourne. They enjoy the one-on-one styling experience that they have with every DIZINGOF woman. These dedicated stylists are regularly trained in the range of styles, colours, fit and pattern of every DIZINGOF piece.